Speaking / Training

As an experienced speaker / trainer, Dr. Fletcher’s mission is to share the message of the OWL (Optimal Wisdom Learning) through her books, Teach with Spirit: The Teacher’s Inward Journey Guide and Wisdom from the Inner Teacher: Turning Aha!s into OWL Moments.  She adapts the message of the OWL to integrate other popular topics, including The Six Traits for Writing, Response to Intervention, Differential Instruction, Leadership Qualities and Results, Data-driven Decisions, and Continuous Improvement.  See Additional Topics List and Recent Events Listing–and video BIO/Teach with Spirit ONLINE. YouTube video.


Dr. Fletcher consults with a wide variety of organizations: school systems, businesses, and non-profits. Her consulting includes custom designs for the needs of the organization. Often, she incorporates her OWL message and the six-step process of how to gain insight and wisdom by teaching with Spirit.


Recipients of Dr. Fletcher’s work as an educational administrator, leadership coach, consultant, speaker or trainer have consistently gained positive affects, resulting in desired change.


[pullquote style=”left”]Numerous are the academic chairs, but rare are wise and noble teachers.”[/pullquote]

             -Albert Einstein

[pullquote style=”left”]…so is genius a potential that resides within everyone–it simply waits for the right circumstances to express itself.”[/pullquote]

             -David Hawkins


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